Thursday, July 30, 2015

Climb up over the top. Survey the state of the soul.

My best friend has taken it upon herself and her daughters to set up a memorial fund in honor of my Little Prince.  She launched the initiative on Monday, July 27, 2015 on what SHOULD have been my Daniel's 20th birthday. I was truly blown away by the thought of it and although we have yet to reach our goal, the outpouring of support, shares on social media and donations has renewed my faith in this world.  I thought I would share the basics of it here with you.

The purpose of the memorial is as follows:

On January 8, 2015 my nephew Daniel tragically passed away from a drug overdose.

Although it is too late for us to save Daniel, we would like to do something meaningful in Dan's name to help to prevent school aged children from experimenting with drug use.
I have partnered with the Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (LICADD) to create a scholarship in Dan's name which will be used to fund the 'Prevention Through Education' program with the hope that we can save one or more families the misery that has been cast onto ours.

The program includes the following components;

1. Too Good For Drugs - given to school children K - 12 to teach them coping skills to deal with issues associated with peer pressure, self confidence and refusal skills.
2. Teen Intervene - for teenagers who are already engaging in drug and/or alcohol abuse in order to educate them about the impact on their parents, friendships, and their health in order to help them to reach the decision to stop.

If we are successful in reaching our goal of $5,000, LICADD will create a plaque and naming of one of their counseling rooms where we can have a dedication ceremony in honor of Dan for all of his family and friends who wish to attend.

The link to LICADD's website is below Should you be interested in learning more about the organization that will receive the funds raised by this campaign.

This has put me through a whirlwind of unexpected emotions this week, I am still unable to articulate all of the feelings I am experiencing these last few months, and I have been encouraged by my therapist to try writing again. So I am hoping to be able to organize my thoughts enough in the very near future and begin again. Peace and love to all of you that may still be out there,

PS- If by any chance you would be interested in making a small donation to my sons memorial please leave me a comment with your email and I will gladly send you the link! No amount is to small!

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Liz said...

Dear Kel,
My name is Liz. I have been reading your blog - from the beginning- for the past 4 months or so. Each day I read several blogs, until finally finishing this morning. There are no words in my vocabulary to say how sorry I am for the loss of your two beautiful sons. My heart aches for you and all that you have been through. I also have a child, a daughter, who is an addict... she is currently in recovery for the last 17 months, but still... one never knows.
Through your blogs (journals?) I have come to care very much about you. Thank you for opening your heart and your life to us and sharing all that are your most deepest feelings. Please, please take care of yourself, and know that your story touches and helps others. Your sons' stories helps, touches, and probably saves others. God bless you.. your new friend and blog reader. Liz