Monday, December 31, 2007

May we all have a vision now and then...

Just wanted to wish you all a very healthy and happy new year. I, for one am hopeful that this new year gives me an opportunity for growth and change and strength and a new beginning. I wish nothing but the best to each and everyone of you, and I thank you for the many ways you have touched my heart and my life with your kind words of support and love to this cyber-stranger/blogger. Happy New Year to you and yours!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Help me, I broke apart my insides...

I used to look forward to taking the time out of my day to blog. I used to look forward to alot of things actually. Like laying in bed at night with La Petit watching television. I used to look forward to picking up a book and not being able to put it down until it was finished, to seeing my friends, going out for dinner and drinks, having a life.

Divorcing AH and moving into my new house was supposed to be a new beginning for me, a new life, a fresh start. Instead I hooked up with the new guy and got involved in a roller coaster ride from relationship hell. My persistent neediness, vulnerability and loneliness allowed me to let this guy practically move into my house, tell me who I can and cannot speak to, hit me, break my belongings, insult me, my friends and family, called me terrible, hurtful names, degrade me, lie to me and cheat on me. And always finding a way to blame it on me.

I had to turn off my voicemail service on my cell phone and my house phone and my text messaging service as well due to the volume of nasty threatening voice mails he was leaving me. He now only leaves them at my office. The last one was him vowing to destroy the rest of my life. Only if I empower him to do so.

OK, so I was alone for Christmas. I survived. I will be alone all weekend and on New Years Eve, I will survive that too. I really do deserve better than this madman who wanted to control, consume and own me. And all the while not offering me very much. He wasn't a very good father, he fought for custody of his daughter only to let his parents raise his child while he does his own thing moving in with one woman after another. He isn't settled into a career, his debt is out of control and he has a history of drug abuse which I learned he was using on one of the weekends that we broke up. Not to mention the serious temper issues. Think there are enough red flags and warning signs here?

Well my New Year resolution is to get over this guy and break the spell he has cast over me and remind myself that I deserve a relationship that is healthy and loving. Not scary and dangerous. And if I cant find one then I will be OK anyway. It really is OK to be alone. That is my new mantra.

Did I mention that I bought a puppy for La Petit for Christmas?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

and I will be the one, to hold you down...

I am in a very bad and dangerous place. The new guy has turned out to be a madman and he beat the crap out of me last night and tried to strangle me. This abuse has been going on for a few weeks. Starts with a fight because he gets jealous angry or controlling and then it escalates into him freaking out, destroying and breaking things and last night it got out of control and he hit me. Hard. My jaw is all out of line and my neck is bruised from him trying to choke me. I brought this man into my family and into my sons life and took him out last week and let him back in and he was removed by the police last night and now I have to hurt my son once again and I think I am going out of my mind and I need help and have lost friends already over this man and I am scared to death and he is mean and scary and nasty and says horrible things to me during his outbursts. I need to break free. I need a new life. I need to find myself and I have no idea how to do that.

Monday, December 03, 2007

You shut your mouth, how dare you say...

I have gone back and read my first post from 2 years ago around the same time of year. I am pleased to report, that although my life today is far from perfect, I do feel that I am in a much better place today then I was back then. I am no longer filled with the sadness and loneliness of a lousy, dysfunctional marriage, the paralyzing fear, dread and guilt of being the mother to a drug addicted child, the fear of being alone and of the unknown.

This is not to say I am functioning at what most would consider to be a "normal" level (hey, whats "normal" anyway?) but I do feel as though I have come a long way, and I have learned to let go with love and to not blame myself for those things that I can not control. I am trying to learn to trust myself just a little. I am also acutely aware of my shortcomings and flaws and I am trying to make sense of the mess in my own head.

My experience has been that when you are desperately unhappy and lonely and feeling unloved, is that you will run from those painful feelings and look to compensate for what your life is lacking. To somehow find a way to fill that void, that empty hole in your soul. Many of the coping mechanisms I chose to help myself were self destructive. I know, no big shocker there. Its what those of us who live with addiction do. Some of us abuse drugs, alcohol and other substances, some of us enable those around us to do so, some of become so codependent that it is hard to see where we begin and those that we love end.

One of my most unhealthy choices was the method in which I handled my personal relationships. I had affairs that ended badly. I confuse love and desire. I also form unhealthy friendships. I have a tendency to make friends easily, and then I latch on to them and get too close too quickly. And then these so called friends seem to want to have a say in how I handle my day to day decisions. I also have a problem where my friends seem to have no problem telling me exactly how they feel without regard for my feelings, or for pointing out my flaws. And for some reason, I find myself unable to defend these perceived attacks allowing people to walk on me and to hurt me and for me to find myself pulling further away and retreating even deeper into my own head. I often find I am the one who is willing to go any distance to help my friends out, always the one to be there and lend a hand and then I often find myself disappointed when I am in need and there is no one available to me.

The situation with New Guy. I am not sure what I am doing. I am in new, unsafe, uncharted water with this man. He makes my head spin a little. One of my best friends, recently voiced her opinion that she thinks he is all wrong for me and basically told me she will not sit around and watch me self destruct if I chose to stay with this man. She then followed up by offering me her opinion that I am most likely a Borderline Personality. (her g/f is a shrink). Then gave me a big pep talk about how I am ill and need help and that my current therapist isn't worth the paper I write his checks on and blah blah blah. She wants to help me, to save me. Slam. Another attack. She then pointed out the dead look behind my eyes.

New guy has a wicked insecure jealous side. Part of me knows that it isn't the right relationship for me for the long term. Part of me says who is talking about the long term anyway? Part of me wants to sit back and enjoy the ride and see where it goes. Part of me says run as fast as you can, this guy makes you feel too much and that is dangerous for me. Another part still says he is going to try to consume me and nothing good will come from that. Part of me wants to trust my friends who claim to know me and only have my best interests at heart and think this is no good for me. Part of me says these same friends want something from me. They like that I am needy and broken and my inadequacies make them feel better about themselves. Part of me knows every one loves that I am the poor little week girl. Always available because she has no where else to go. Part of me wants to take this chance and learn from it. Maybe it will be a mistake and this guy could kill me someday or maybe it wont be and I will find happiness and peace at last.

And part of me thinks, seriously, WTF? Will I ever be normal?