Thursday, September 04, 2008

I've got soul, but Imm not a soldier...

La Petit started back into his last year of middle school earlier this week. I was feeling really good about it and about him, he really seems to be a in a good place. His self confidence and self esteem really elevated from this time a year ago. He was excited about the new year and looking forward to working harder and doing better.

He had a wonderful summer at camp. Things in our lives are much calmer since the departure of the Monster from our lives, since the Prince moved out and ceased communication with us and his grandfather, my father, passed away early summer. La Petit met a little girlfriend at camp. They were actually voted the cutest couple at the end of the summer. Very "Summer Lovin" from Grease...

La Petit takes Adderrall for his ADHD. A choice of meds I did not decide upon lightly, considering it is a known drug of abuse, it can be habit forming, etc. I filled his script on Monday evening before he was to start back at school on Tuesday. I counted to pills in the bottle (old habits die hard) and started him back on his meds Tuesday morning.

Yesterday, we were up early and going about our normal regular school and work day routine. I normally leave La Petits lunch money and his meds and vitamin on a paper towel on my kitchen counter. He switched things up yesterday by telling me he took his meds already. Something about that didn't sit right with me so I grabbed the bottle as I was walking out the door. I did a recount when I arrived at my office and there were 27 pills in the bottle instead of the 28 that should have been there.

OK, time to go into panic mode. Another teenager, hitting up the pills, shoot me now. I called him on his lunch break and asked how many pills he took in the morning, he said one. I asked then why was there a missing pill. He said he didn't know. Then he said oh yeah, one dropped down the drain. I don't really believe it but cant prove otherwise. I need to remember that counting pills is only effective when the pills are locked up and out of reach.

I come home last night and I am still really upset and I kind of tear apart his room looking for something or nothing in particular and decide that I am going to confiscate his cell phone since he seems to be up till all hours of the night texting his girlfriend.

Snoopy mom that I am I decide to check the cell phone texts. Smart like sucker that he is, he already erased them all anticipating this move on my part. Its kind of like a sick little dance that is all too familiar to me. For me it was like stepping back onto the dance floor and the steps just falling into place. For La petit, it must have been learned by osmosis from seeing his brother and I dance these same steps for so long. This little boy is not the innocent he portrays himself to be. His acting skills, however, are brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!

My next checkpoint on the cell phone is checking his pics. Where I discover pics his little barely thirteen year old girlfriend sent him of her self. She is half naked, beyond provocatively posed and practically pulling off her panties in these pics. As in, little Miss cant keep her panties on.

OK, so WTF?? Seriously??


Syd said...

I know that if I had pulled similar stunts I would be grounded for a very long time. Because your son is underage, maybe it's time to take the cell phone, lock up the meds, get him into therapy, and do what needs to be done to make it plain that it's your house and he will have to abide by some rules. I'm sure that there are many here who can offer suggestions better than these. I don't have children and most days am thankful for that.

Lou said...

The world is off balance..I swear..I feel so for you, just starting on this nonsense. Middle school is when the shit hit the fan with my son. Probably a dumb idea, but can you get a mentor for him (at church, at work?)

Fractalmom said...

Holy CRAP!!!

Put him on Daytrana the ADHD patch. Cannot absolutely positively be abused LOL. It's the one I started Pint with, I didn't like the Adderall anyway.....Goes on one hip and lasts 9 hours. The medication is not even a gel in the patch, it is just embedded in the adhesive. AND there are no regular tests needed for liver function and heart testing etc.

As to the girl......I would confront her parents (privately) with the evidence, they probably are NOT aware that she is sending half porn pictures to him. That should stop it.

Then, I would institute parental controls on his phone (ATT has them, don't know your plan) and take away his texting for a month.

but, that's just me and I am a nasty bitchy mom who didn't care if they hated me occasionally. I was strict. It worked four out of five times.......

which proves that nothing is very reliable, especially well meaning advice from well meaning friends LOL. Good luck!!

AlkySeltzer said...

"OK, so WTF?? Seriously??"

Kel, all I can write, is "Ahhhhh! No more kids at home, except for those short visits, when they use our house as a 'bed-and-breakfast'...

God, how did You ever get us through those years, when every moment was crisis potential, and every OTHER moment was utter CHAOS!

Thank you SO much for allowing us all to have survived, and to be more fit to serve You...

Sober T said...

Ok, take a deeeeeep breath. Relax.

I went thru this same nuttiness with my son. It's possible the pill dropped down the sink. It's possible he erased the texts cos his phone will only hold so many before it runs out of memory (mine can hold 48).

Panicking never solved anything. Just watch him closely. He knows you're counting the meds.

Try not to worry yourself sick. It doesn't solve anything. I wish I could say something more helpful.

Good luck.

Pam said...

girl girl girl...ya know I feel ya!
1. Motherhood is highly over-rated.
2. Jr. High is the worst.
3. Adderall sold for $2.00 a pill when my son sold his in Jr. High (11 years ago)
4. Sometimes we jump to the worse conclusions.
5. Sometimes when they caught doing something wrong they stop.
6. Unfortunatly for our younger children-the older ones wore us out. We have become more suspicious.
7. FUN?--send the pics to her parents--

Beth said...

First thing that comes to mind is you are making the assumption that this son is the same as the other. I understand your concerns. I would be just as concerned if the wheels were turned. My only suggestions is to have a serious mother/son talk and set rules, etc.

pat said...

Take away the cell phone. Lock up the meds. Place him on a short leach. And try not to over react.

Princess Powerless said...

I'm with pat and syd.

He's underage and you gotta take all precautions.

And forgive me if you're already there, but get thy buttcheeks to Alanon, my sister.

Big hugs from Minnesota. PP

Misery Marketing said...

My 12 year old is about to go through this. i know if i had texting and the internet Id have looked at all the stuff i wasnt supposed to. I caught mine signing up for MySPace the other day. I over heard him and his little buddy discussing his fake age of 20 years old. All I know is I dont wanna raise none of his babies!