Friday, April 20, 2007

Four and Twenty Windows

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, today is April 20th. 420. This date apparently holds some signifigance in the pot smoking community. (for more info, click HERE) I googled it and read a bunch of stuff about it, and it doesnt make much sense to me, but I know in the Princes counter culture world of his drug use, it was a big deal.

So tonight, in honor of 420, I have asked my Prince out on a date. He laughed and accepted. We will go for dinner, stop at the fish store, he has been really into fixing up his tank and I have to say it looks amazing, he is really good at this, and maybe a movie. Its funny, he even told his program that he and I have a "playdate" tonight to celebrate his sobriety on 420.

I was speaking to our family counselor last night, and she suggested maybe tonight would be a good night to try our first NA meeting. I looked online and found some meetings, although I have to say there arent as many available in our area as I had hoped. But I need some help from any of my blogger buddies out there, some meetings say they are open and some say they are closed. Some are discussion meetings, some are steps, etc. Can any one offer any advice as to what any of ths means and maybe offer a reccomendation as to what would be a good starting point for us?


working mom NYC said...

Hi Kel--
An open meeting is one that welcomes non-addicts. It's a chance for "normals" to see what a 12-step program is all about. I would think that an open meeting is a good place to start. For the Prince, if he hasn't been going to NA meetings, a beginner meeting would be a good bet, because they will explain things there, and a lot of people are in the same early stage of struggling to stay clean. There's a certain raw quality that is very moving. Step meetings go over the 12 steps (one at a time). People share about their experience & what the step means to them. Topic meetings often have a speaker who talks for about 20 minutes, then announces a topic, like GRATITUDE - and everyone shares his/her thoughts about that and also anything else that is of concern to them.

I looked at a meeting locator, & a meeting like this would probably be good for you & the Prince:
Saint James Rc Parish Center / 80 Hicksville Road
Seaford, NY 11783 Monday / 19:00 Not closed to public / Beginner/Newcomer

This may not be the geographic area you want to go to, but the important thing is Beginner/ Newcomer, not closed to public. There's another one on Friday nights in Hempstead. Anyhoo, try this link & put in your zip code & how far you want to drive, & it will give you all the local meetings, as well as their criteria. (You may have already done this, from what you said in your post)

Good luck - my son went to his first NA meeting outside the facility & really liked it. Even saw one of his treatment counselors there, which was an enjoyable bonding experience.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

Tab said... will never guess where MY prince is today((420))
Here's wishing you a great night!

Tab said...

{{Happy Monday}}
How did your weekend go ?

working mom NYC said...

Hi, Kel--
Did you make it to any meetings?