Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two steps forward, one step back..

Nothing is ever easy. I am still trying to work my way through the red tape and get the Prince admitted to a short term stay at a residential facility. I am close. I was told today that a bed will be available on Tuesday. I am hopeful. I also received a phone call from his old program today. They have heard from some very reliable sources that he is actively using. PCP this time. I don't understand it. Where is he getting it? Where is he getting the money? I guess he really does need to go away for awhile and get his head on straight. I spoke to his grandmother and told her to make sure she is keeping a close eye on him and not to let her guard down for a minute. He must be sneaking out of there or stealing from them, or something. I just don't know anymore.

Let go, kel; let go.


Anonymous said...

Trust your gut, kel. Don't let him deny your reality of what you now to be true. You will get him help soon. Then you can focus more on just kel.
I truly appreciate everything you post here. It is all so good for me to read. Your honesty and courage are amazing.
As always, I will say, stick close to Tab. She has so much to offer.

Anonymous said...

Now that the goosebumps have worn off from the familiar feelings this post provoked in me , I can tell you Kel , us Mom's struggle to understand how we are supposed to let our kids go when we see them slowly putting their fate in harms way by abusing drugs.It is probably the most helpless feeling we can feel in our motherly hearts.
Especially when the biological Fathers are of NO help or support.
What I can offer you ...not that you asked..but it comes with blogging with of HOPE>
My kiddo is ok for today.
I don't know for how long..I still have my concerns but he came back from a very dangerous and dark time.So Kel, for today, I hope his history offers you a little bit of hope for your kiddos future.
I know how deep it hurts my friend,
I really really do.
Keep taking good care and let that boy know you believe in him.
He will be the one who ulitmately needs to learn to believe in due time.
I wish you and yours all the best for today ... letting go is not as simple as typing it , I know.
Love Tab

~MsManna~ said...

Hang in there Kel. I have no idea what this is like... I only know from my ex bf what this is like and it is very consuming. I don't know what to say except I'm lifting you and your Prince up to my HP. And yes, stick close to Tab, I agree.
Live Strong,

vicariousrising said...

I wish I knew what to say. My heart goes out to you. I hope you are able to find others who have gone through this to talk to that can lend you support and advice. Stick close to your program and be sure to take good care of yourself. You need to be in good sobriety and health to be able to be there for your son.


Nettie said...

Being a mom is so very tough. We just want to make things all better and it's difficult to watch them fall. Stay strong, help will come soon.

You're in my thoughts and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Is there an update, kel?

working mom NYC said...

I was watching that Addiction show on HBO and it said that the average person needs 4 rehab stays before really "getting the program." We never know, with our kids, how much it's going to take. I hope that your Prince gets a bed soon, and that he becomes willing to hear the message. My heart goes out to you, Kel. You're doing the best you can, and hopefully it will be enough. You'll surely feel some relief when he is in treatment, knowing that, for now, he is safe. Fingers crossed.

Redhead Gal said...

I am praying for you and your Prince, Kel. I hope he finds his way soon.

(Sorry I didn't respond to the tag...I listen to the songs on my IPod on shuffle and don't repeat too much...)