Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No more homework, no more books.....

And now, I have a cold. I was sneezed on by Sneezy McSneeze. And now I am sick. I swear, I am getting so beyond bitter that it is starting to scare me.

Received a message on my voice mail at home last night from the Prince's science teacher. The prince is failing Science. He refuses to do any class or home work, does not participate and in general just doesn't care. I told him this morning if his plan was to fail and not graduate this year so he can repeat his senior year in his old school next year that he is sadly mistaken. That the house is going on the market in January and I will be no where near this town next September and he would have to go to school wherever his grandparents live because they are talking about moving this year as well or somewhere in the city where his father plans on moving after we sell the house. He says he will graduate. Yeah right.

Then today I received a call from his math teacher saying the exact same thing. I really wish I knew what this kid was thinking. I told the teacher that I had nothing to offer her as far as a solution because I can not make this kid do anything. That if is choosing to fail, then so be it. He won't listen to me or anyone else. I could just hear the judgment through the phoneline.

I haven't smoked a cigarette in 53 days and my clothes are getting a little tight. Time to take action, step away from the mallowmars and maybe dust off the running shoes....


Anonymous said...

omg..I totally got a kick out of you admitting to eating those candy bars at 3am in bed..lol you too funny.I am sooooooooooooooooooooo glad you quit Kel..you kick ass!

okay..this school business.
I cannot tell you Kel,how many times I read your blog and feel like I have read it before.You share so much of what I went through last year with my eldest.
He ended up quiting school.
And now , wayyyyy behind his friends,he is back and bring home report cards with A's on them.
Will he ever graduate...?
I don't know..but he is going to school and that is all that matters to me.Is he clean and sober now? I don't know if he is 100% but he is enough that I actually love having him home again.(one day at a time)

Who knows what is in store for your Prince.I hope for the best and after seeing my kiddo go through hell and back..I believe your kiddo can do the same.It will just have to be on his own will and time.He is lucky to have you supporting him along the way ...with love..
(not enabling anymore)
You are a good Mommy!
YOU are growing..that is so powerful and liberating Kel.
I know you know what I mean.
Keep taking good care of yourself my friend..Thanks for sharing:)

~MsManna~ said...

Wow, I remember going through this kind of behavior with my youngest, the not doing schoolwork and skipping school part. My child was not doing drugs and it made me nuts. That was before the program entered my life. I can't imagine how it makes you feel with your Prince. I just want to say I will lift you and your Prince up before my Higher Power. And pray for your strength and growth in the program, that growth I see within your posts!
Keeping you in my prayers!