Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And so it continues.

Friday I spoke to the princes counselour and she told how amazing he is doing and that he really seems to be getting it and he should be rewarded over the weekend. So i told him he could take the day off on Monday. Friday night I woke up and saw his light was still on and I walked into his room and he was at his desk and he was startled when I came in and it looked like he threw something down. Quickly. I looked around didn't see anything and just went back to bed. Saturday afternoon when he was out on the boat with his grandparents, I did a thorough search of his room and sure enough found a little home made pipe made from tin foil and a small empty bad that smelled like Pot. I didnt say anything to him until Monday. He tried to deny and say it was old then thought better of it and owned up to it. There was no drama.

I didnt tell the program. I will wait until it comes back in his urine. I know that this is enabling, but I am just so tired. I feel like I handled it well. I didnt even yell at him.

I am getting better and better at this letting go stuff. I want him to make the right decisions but I cant make him and I cant make them for him. I think my reaction surprised him. Of course he is in full manipulation mode right now. He complimented my outfit yesterday. He never ever does that. I like to ask him how I look in the mornings to bust his chops, I ask him everyday if what I am wearing makes me look fat and he doesnt even look up at me when he responds No. Its a game.

No new news on my dad yet. He has an appointment at Sloan in the next week or so. Thank you all for adding him to your prayers.


Tab said...

Your son's consequences will fall in the urine test.Good for you for not losing any energy over this .

I think our kids do try better but on the sidelines they still want to party.I try to praise my son when I see his efforts at school etc and when he has a slip up with drugs or booze,like I told you, I call him on it pronto!Done.
He cannot deny it that way.

I hope for the best with your Dad Kel..again ..the one day at a time slogan works well with heath concerns too doesn't it?

Wishing you peace and joy even amongst the unknowns of the future:)
Thanks for sharing~

Alcoholic Brain said...

I'm glad your here. Your post appear to be more relaxed. Prayers to your father.

Trudging said...

If they urine test him regularly he will get caught.