Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Extra Prayers Please...

My dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer two years ago this coming November. Fourteen years before that, at the age of 49, he suffered a massive stroke, leaving him paralyzed on his left side. Shortly after that he was diagnosed with diabetes. He in insulin dependent. Needless to say, he is a very sick man.

When we were given the cancer diagnosis, we were told he would most likely be dead within 3-6 months. We went to Sloan Kettering and found an amazing surgeon that said it was operable, and after a grueling 9-10 hours of surgery, he was able to remove the tumor. The recovery was long and painful. He had many complications, in and out of the hospital for 6 months or so after the surgery. But he was cancer free. A follow up course with chemo would have been ideal, but he isn't strong or healthy enough to withstand the chemo, it would most likely kill him.

He returns to the doc every few months for bloodwork. They do what's called a CA19-9 (or something like that) blood test. Elevated levels in this test indicate pancreatic cancer, although it should not be used as a diagnostic tool, if the levels are elevated, the doc follows up with a MRI or a PET scan. My dads levels remained steady for the first year after the surgery and for the last year they have been creeping up. Over the summer the levels were in the 300s but the MRI was clean. While at his regular MD about 3 weeks ago he asked for this test again. The levels were through the roof. 1900. So we took him back to Sloan, thinking it was a mistake, and he was retested on Monday. Yesterday we found out his levels are over 3000. Not a good sign. They are going to get him in for an MRI later this week or early next week. he is frightened, and depressed. He told my mom Monday night that he was so weak and tired. I am afraid for him. So if anyone can spare an extra prayer for my Dad today, it would be greatly appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kel,
I am sending your Dad serenity and courage through this time.It will be difficult for the whole family.
Therefor I offer you the same as your Dad,plus feel free to email
anytime okay?
Enjoy this day...cancer or not,we really never know how much time we have do we? Sending you love too ~
Thanks for sharing ~

Gwen said...

I can spare plenty of prayer. It is coming your way.

Blessings and strength to you and your family,

Al-Anon Lifer said...

The father/daughter connection is very special, or so I've heard. It is so special, in fact, that how you relate to your father is how you relate to all the men in your life. No wonder I had trouble, but then I'm not as lucky as you seem to be, to have a dad you care about and have a relationship with, even if he has been sick for along time. I did get lucky with my father-in-law, though, who died this spring. He tolerated me a lot better after he lost a couple of sons. So when he died, I spiraled down into a depression. I guess I was just re-experiencing my blood father leaving me when I was young. Anyway, I feel your pain...

Riotgrrl2 said...

I just wanted to say thanks for your words of support, it means a lot to me when peole reach out. I will send up some prayers for your dad.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely send some prayers for your dad, Kel. Love him up while you can. Enjoy each moment and be present with him.
I can feeel your fear and pain.
Pray, Kel.
G-d is always with us.
Peace and porayers,

Sober Chick said...

Oh most definately. Has there been any changes yet? May God grace you with the courage and strength needed at this time.

Trudging said...

Hey Kel, prayers for you Dad!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kel,
Just stopping by to see how you are doing ...maybe you will post soon?
Take care,Tab