Friday, September 01, 2006

Rain on my parade

I stayed up all night hoping the rain will come tonight and rain out the football game so I wouldnt have to worry about it, but apparently they do not rain out football games. So, I was forced to make a decision.

As conflicted as I feel, I have decided to let him go to the game. I hope it does not come back to bite me in the behind. I didnt even tell him yet that his request was denied. I will discuss it with him tomorrow. I am going to take it as an opportunity to explain to him how very proud I am of him for getting clean. I am also going to tell him how he needs to start taking the program a little more serious, and that just because he is there in body he must also be there in mind.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't lose too much more sleep over life can get so exhausting when you fall behind in selfcare like rest , etc.

Maybe all will go well for the game
trip and your son..I am touched by your dedication and hope for your son.It is tough letting go..I know.

Thank you for your warm comments today in my blog.Having a rough day but letting it go slowly...

When you feel you are ready,you will reach out for the support you need for yourself..that is how I am able to be where I am today.

..take gentle care...and keep us posted..I will come visit again soon :) Thanks for sharing~

Alcoholic Brain said...

I admire your strength. Here is a link that you might find helpful. Great info there. I'm happy to see your son is clean.
Co-dependents Anonymous

Trudging said...

Lean on your Higher Power

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see you connect with Tab. She is awesome and can provide you with a great deal of helpful feedback. All of the bloggers who have come to see you are awesome, Kel. Use their suggestions and things WILL get better--or at least YOU will FEEL better......
How did it go anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kel,
Just stopping by to say Hello..
Hope all is well.
Post when you can :)
(Isn't Scout a sweetie?)
Lots of support out here Kel~