Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dare I feel hopeful??

Just found out that the prince has passed his Math Regents!! With a 67. He only needed a 55 to pass it. He has literally been stoned or drunk for at least the last two years. I think this is the first test he has ever passed. He was kind of like, yeah, whatever, I don't care if I pass or fail it. I wish he would show just a little excitement or enthusiasm about it. Not the total I just don't give a F attitude.

Ten weeks clean and passing a regents test without cheating at all. Could things really be changing? Do I dare let me guard down for even 5 minutes and believe he is going to get better, stay sober, and maybe even stop cutting up his beautiful body? Is it just too much to hope for and believe?

Or true to nature of the rest of my life is there some new evil horrible thing just lurking around the corner to quash this brief moment of joy that I am almost feeling?????


Melody said...

Good for him!

All success is good... My heart breaks for you and your son.. Life shouldn't be so hard.

Trudging said...

I hope that things are going better. I am on the other side of the Sound in CT if you ever want to talk.