Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mother of the year award

I have a new friend. Well, maybe she is more like a quasi-friend. She is the mother of one of the prince's friends. Well, I think it is one of his quasi-friends. They are probably more like drug and drinking biddies than friends. We have always communicated often regarding our kids and their whereabouts, and since the recent lost weekend when they cut school at my house, her son ran away too, although he came home a day sooner than mine, well, we have spoken every day on the phone ever since. Sometimes about the kids other times just about random things. We somehow seemed to have forged a friendship.

Anyway, I have a trip to Las Vegas planned this weekend with a group of my girlfriends. We have started what has become a tradition to go away for a quick weekend each spring. It has been planned and paid for since September.

I seriously contemplated canceling my much needed and greatly anticipated weekend away with a group of my friends that completely love and accept me and never judge me, in light of the recent events with the prince. I really fear what will happen at home with out me there to take care of things. His father barely speaks to him and when he does its usually a growl, I fear some kind of confrontational issue that will lead to my son taking off on a drinking and drugging binge.

And then, I decided. I'm going anyway. I cant change him and he still chooses to do whatever it is he thinks he can get away with. I received another call today from the dean at his HS. He is suspended tomorrow for cutting classes again. OSS- Out of school suspension which means I have to inconvenience my dad and ask him to watch him tomorrow, which means I have to worry all day about him stealing liquor, pills and/or money from my parents house.

So I was talking to my new friend this morning about the princes latest antics and my worries over the weekend and she suggested I leave my cell phone home for the weekend. I will be gone for 3 days and 2 nights. Any major emergencies will wait. If someone dies, they will still be dead when I get back. I am seriously seriously considering it.

Does this make me a really bad mom?

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