Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The first post of the year....

I have not smoked a cigarette in six days. Yay for me. As a result of said six smoke free days I seem to have lost my taste for coffee and wine. Is it possible to have given up all of my vices in one day? Not even on purpose? Is it possible all of my addictions were caused by my smoking cigarettes? I know, I know, not possible, but psychologically, I have had no interest in coffee or alcohol since New Years Eve. This is not like me. At all. Maybe it is because I have been really really concerned with my alcohol intake of late (this is not a great secret) and maybe the not smoking thing has lead me to a better path? I am not going to fool myself into thinking I do not have a problem just because I have not wanted to have a glass of wine, but maybe it will keep me on the clean and sober page for a while.

Which leads me to my next stupid question. And yes, I am being honest when I ask this... What exactly do you do to socialize that does not include alcohol? (I'm guessing since I have to ask this question, my answer should probably be: Go to a meeting!)

So Happy New Year and wish me luck...


Syd said...

I go to parties and drink club soda. Or I take some sparkling cider. Believe me, there is fun and socializing that doesn't involve my having to drink. Good luck Kel with the not smoking. I'm glad that you did it.

Ann said...

Go to a meeting
Go to a coffee house
Go to a friends house
Go bowling
Go sled-riding
Go to a movie
Go dancing
Go to a museum
Go to the gym (that's my new fav!)

Anonymous said...

I have been sober from alcohol for a little over 3 years now. I still like to go places where they have it. It seems odd at first when others are drinking, but I still have fun and socialize. It will come to you. Congrats on not smoking.

~ Tabitha ~ said...

woohoo! Where do I start after the hugs ? xoxo I'm so happy you're trying to quit smoking first off,Kel.There are so many bonuses to that including sexier health ;)
As for the other vices.That sounds like a bit of inventory work.I'm so stoked to read you writing good things about YOU my friend.

As for finding a sober social circle...it's not always easy.
I quit drinking etc 14 years ago and I still struggle sometimes.Not that I care to go out much anyways but I am socializing more and with people I've met along sobriety that share the same creative and life interests.This is a great way for you to explore some of the things in life you've wanted to do for yourself be it a night course,new hobby etc.You will meet the kind of people based on the kind of path you walk :)
You'll see..Just keep it one day and step along that path to enjoy and explore the journey.

Wishing I could hug you now..
But you know I'm there for you
in sprit Kel,always! T xoxo

Beth said...

Hey lady... first off congratulations on all of you steps forward. My sister experienced similiar side effects when she quit smoking too. Second of all, the answer to your question is you do everything you already do to socialize. I have never had a drink in my adult life and I still go dancing dinners out etc; you don't need alcohol to socialize. Virgin cocktails are good too!

Hap Joy Free said...

non alcoholics never have to ask that question.

They do not require alcohol to have fun and it never crosses their mind they need tod rink to have fun.

If you do, you might be an alcoholic.

good luck, there is lot of fun to be had....sober!

Anonymous said...

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Cat said...

My husband drinks diet coke. We have been to a few holiday parties that went amazingly well and he is getting used to and comfortabel it seems to me, being in his own skin without the drink in social situations.

Amazing progress.

Wishing you the best!

Anonymous said...

Order a pitcher of Diet Coke and a pitcher of water. The fullnes feeling, and the carbonation are part of the satisfaction of "drinking". Pee a lot, it'll be good for you.


~A4O~ said...

I also quit smoking on new years eve for the third time. Yes, it's possible to quit smoking and all other habits that go with it quit you. Everything is connected...

Steve E said...

Before I stop anything--I must WANT todo it. Without the desire, whay bother?

How did I lose you from my blogroll? We used to be friends. Maybe you do not remember steveroni?

But I remember YOU! Good memories, BTW. Still struggling I see, well it takes the time and a program of some kind, AA works just fine for me.

PEACE, and please say "Howdy sometime on my blog.

OMG, I just now read what happened with your son, oh I am SO sorry. But yes, THAT is how it ends for SO many of us, my dear Kel. Oh! I am truly sad tonight.