Monday, August 13, 2007

Snap back to reality...

Hello to all my blogger buddies out there. I arrived back in NY yesterday after a nice long relaxing vacation with my family. Quite possibly the best part of that vacation was the wonderful experience of meeting my blogger buddy Tab on the first night of my trip. She is every bit as wonderful and beautiful in person as she appears in her blog. I will share more about our visit with her permission later this week.

We took a week long cruise to Alaska andit was COLD but the scenery was breathtaking. If there was ever a doubt in my mind that God exists, it is long gone now. No other power in this universe could be capable of creating such beauty and serenity.

I am super jet lagged and tired to the point that I didn't even make it back to my office today. I am not unpacked, I am basically a disaster and I feel a serious depression setting in. Alot of changes are underway in my world, but more on that later this week when I am up to it. I just wanted to check in and send out some love to all my blogger peeps and let you know I didn't drop off the face of the Earth. Hope you are all well.


Tab said...

oh no don't let serious depression set in what you just wrote about Alaska..the god and serenity stuff! Keep it with you Kel.I hate thinking you are depressed.Try rewording like,you are in a shitty mood or something.
You are just too precious to be depressed,jeese I wish you could see that!!!But now having said all of the above,I am bumming these days too so I can't really tell YOU how to feel now can I ...ever.
Sometimes life hurts and that's why we have friends :)
I absalutely loved meeting you too Kel.I miss you lots! Let's try to keep in touch best we can.
Big hugs to you,get some rest.
Love Tab xo
PS.You can share anything you like about our visit.I had a post up but took it down after a couple of days..felt protective of you :)

Beth said...

Yeah, I get bummed out right after coming home from a trip too... once you get out of the jet lag stage you'll feel better. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

pat said...

Hi Kel,
Glad to see you had a great time. You will need to share the details. I think being depressed after a wonderful vacation especially if things are not good at home is very normal. Just sending some hugs.