Friday, July 27, 2007

I have been tagged by Tab. I LOVE being tagged, so here goes....

8 Things about me (that you never asked to hear)
1- The second toe on my right foot is longer than the rest. It also has a weird hourglass shape to it. I am so vain that I have thought often over the years of having painful surgery to correct this. I still may do it.

2- I have never really enjoyed sex with AH. I have not slept with him in over 3 years. I have no idea what he does for sex, nor do I care.

3- As a result, I have gone astray with 4 different men over the years. Each one, more innapropriate than the one before him.

4- I don't think that I have ever really been in love. With the exception of my children, I have come to seriously doubt my ability to love completely and unconditionally.

5- I am often embarrassed by my family.

6- I am average. Average intelligence, average height, average looking, average athletic ability and I hate it. I always wanted to stand out from the crowd.

7- I have been more honest on this blog than I have ever been in my real life. For some reason, this is easy for me. It is refreshing and cleansing.

8- My mother is my best friend.

So now I tag: Working Mom

Have fun kids....


Syd said...

I understand about Morton's toe and the sex thing. I don't think that you're an average person, as evidenced by your writing. And love is something that comes when you begin to love yourself.

Tab said...

AVERAGE????? I don't think so!

This is a list that shines the diamond example of why we all love your blog out here and YOU Kel.
Your honesty is refreshing to read and for me personally, is inspiring to read.I just love the dickens out of you my friend.
I can relate to alot of what you share here and I love that you played along.You are a great sport!
{not average...great!}

Tab xo

Sober Chick said...

Wow this is wonderful honesty.

What defines "average?" It can be percieved in many ways. Perhaps to be average means you are above average :) and this is COLORFUL!

vicariousrising said...

You are so not average. But I loved reading your list. You showed so much courage. Egads... how am I supposed to follow that up?

Have I mentioned how much I admire you? Well, there you have it.


pat said...

Great list, Kel. Love the toe thing.

Beth said...


working mom NYC said...

Kel, I think you are so wonderful. There is something very freeing about seeing oneself as "average". I experienced a lot of misery trying to compete with my coworkers (who are very good at what they do). But one of the most freeing things in AA was the concept of being satisfied to be a "worker among workers." I found that extremely freeing.

I am proud to have been tagged by you! I will write my response in my next blog.