Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The exodus is here....

First off, I want to thank all of my blogger buddies for your words of encouragement and support on my last post. And especially to you Tab, for sending all the love. You are the best girlie!!!

So the Prince was thrown out of his program last night. After his little temper tantrum Friday morning, they sent him home for the day so as for him to not disrupt the rest of the kids. They called me later in the afternoon telling me that his latest urine came back dirty, again, and to not bother sending him in on Monday as they had to have a crisis meeting to determine what his status in the program was.

We met with them last night and they had decided to release him, as he was no longer making progress, and they would rather give his spot to someone who is actually interested in helping himself. It was sad and upsetting. The Prince was visibly upset. I don't think he saw it coming. They really like him there and he gets away with alot because of it. At the end of the meeting it was decided if he was willing to do a short term residential program, they would consider having him back when he was released. He called me last night and seemed interested in doing that and we spent some time on the phone researching the various suggested places online.

This morning, all hell broke loose. The Prince called and told me he was going out today. He was officially "free" and he was going out with his friends. Yeah, over my dead body. He is for all intents and purposes an unemployed high school drop out on drugs. I argued for a while and am actually too drained to even get into the long gory details of it all here right now. It led to an argument with the AH. He needs to sit down with his parents and set up some guidelines and boundaries for this kid. I can not do it anymore. It is just too hard. This kid acts like a spoiled 13 year old. The perpetual victim. Its never his fault. WE did this to him. He is 17 he deserves his freedom. He cant even buy his own cigarettes. It is just ridiculous. He is ridiculous.

So now I need to find a place that will take him. I am just so tired.


Anonymous said...

This could be an important turning point in the whole journey this far , for everyone involved.
I hope you keep us posted Kel.

working mom NYC said...

My heart goes out to you. I know that I could be in exactly the same place a couple of years from now. A close friend had a similar situation with her son. He was 18 & thus independent by law. He had walked out of his treatment center & found no family membe willing to take him in. It was the middle of winter. He slept in her car for a night or two, but decided ultimately to go back into treatment because the reality of sleeping on the street hit him.

Perhaps Alanon could be supportive. You really need someone to back you up with sober advice, someone who's been there. There are so many of us with troubled kids.

Big hug from another L.I. mother.

Redhead Gal said...

I'm sorry to hear things haven't improved much. You are in my prayers.

vicariousrising said...

Hello Kel. I just stumbled into your blog for the first time, although I've seen your comments on the blogs of others. I am so sorry for the difficult situation that you are in. You will be in my thoughts.

Wishing you the best,