Thursday, September 07, 2006

And today is another day

I think I am finally getting this. I can't control his behavior or his choices or his disease. It is not my fault. (note to self: keep repeating until you believe it)

I didn't tell his father yet and I didn't discuss the dirty urine with him at length except for the conversation we had on the phone. He smoked on the cruise, said he knew he f-ed up, and that obviously he cant be around it he isn't strong enough.

I am proud of him for "owning" this. I spoke to his counselor this morning and we just keep moving forward. One step forward, two steps back.

Oh. And I joined a bowling team ( can you say Pathetic Loser?) , I know it is so circa 1957, but it is for me. I am doing something just for me.

I am breathing.


Anonymous said...

Bowling Rules!

You sound good Kel..
Keep doing what feels best for YOU.

My kiddo always says he f*cked up everytime he f*cks up...My reply now is that is still no excuse..
he still have to take accountability.No more excuses.
The more my son will do the self care work he says he will do,
the better we can learn to trust him again and support him.Its tough.

One day at a time right?

Great post today!

Thanks for sharing~

Alcoholic Brain said...

A very healthy choice for you! Way to go!!

~MsManna~ said...

Sounds like you are understanding Step 1. And good you are doing something for yourself. Good for you.

Trudging said...

Yes, bowling does rule. Good job of taking care of yourself.

Greg said...

Good morning Kel:)
3 Million smileys :) I'm happy 4 u :) I wish we had a bowling alley here I would join a leauge too :):):) I Love bowling:) superb post:)
have a good day
Merry CHRISTmas

Sober Chick said...

Yes, keep moving forward. Sometimes we takes a few steps back to take a L-E-A-P forward. Good for you getting your bowling action on. This is a gift for you, and you deserve such time to do it.

Baby steps, sometimes backward, but always going forward!