Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger and that bothers me because I really get a lot of pleasure out of it and I find it helps me to organize all of the troublesome thoughts that bog down my barely functioning brain. This first thing I do in the morning when I sign on to my computer at work is read all of the blogs I follow (can you say "theft of service"?? LOL) When a fellow blogger leaves me a comment they are usually very insightful and helpful and I feel like a part of something and that maybe someone out there does care.

I am feeling incredibly sleep deprived. I have started taking antidepressants a few weeks ago, and although they are starting to help with some of the anxiety, I still can not sleep. I still wake up in a complete panic every night at around 3 am and can not clear my mind and fall back to sleep. This has been going on for weeks and weeks and it is really starting to show.

The prince has been doing well. We went on a cruise out of San Juan a few weeks ago. I was a nervous wreck about the possibility of him getting his hands on some alcohol or worse. I was quite pleased when we boarded the ship to see a sign stating that as of July 31st you had to be 21 to drink on board with proper id at all times. This brought me tremendous relief as it was damn near impossible for the kid to get his hands on anything. It was the first bit of freedom he has had since starting his program. He checked in just abut every two hours and I believe he was sober the entire trip. The last night he may have managed to get his hands on some alcohol but I wisely went to bed before he did so I don't know for sure. I couldn't deal with any drama. I know that is a bad thing, but it was a great relaxing week and I didn't want to ruin it.


Greg said...

Good morning Kel. Ahhh vacation. So we needed matches for our 3 day camping trip, right my best friend/sponsor asks me to go into this bar and get 2 books of matches... ARE YOU CRAZY man do you you know what I am? IT SUCKED I was in their about 8 min wating on the bar tender and I took a good long look at the disease active in others and had no problems not picking up a drink. Have a good day and I'm glad the cruise and the prince are doing/went well. Hagd Yfg.

Trudging said...

Hey I wanted to comment on your Codependent thing. You are not a bad blogger

Alcoholic Brain said...

I agree with "trudging" you're a great writer!